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DE INTERÉS para 3era y 1era GEN - OSTEOPATIA EOM -UY: PRIMER SEMINARIO 2014 PARA LA 3era. GENERACIÓN - 6 al 9 de junio 2014.


                                                               Coordinadores:  Lic. en Ft. Fernando García García

                                                                                        Lic. en Ft. Mirtha E. Pereira Quintán


Formación Completa en Osteopatía:

Estándares Europeos: 160 créditos ECTS (4000 horas)

Escuela de Osteopatía de Madrid – Sede EOM- Uy


Damos la bienvenida a los colegas que integran la 3era. Generación de Lic. en Fisioterapia que comenzarán el 1er año de la Formación Completa en Osteopatía de  la EOM INTERNACIONAL- SEDE URUGUAY.

A todos ellos les comunicamos que comenzarán el 1er Seminario, (el primero y el último, insumen 2 días hábiles y el fin de semana), desde el viernes 6, al lunes 9 de junio inclusive, de 09:00 a 19:00 hs.

Local: Espacio BIOERIX, Colonia 2271 entre Acevedo Díaz y Cassinoni.

Con el siguiente contenido:

•             Bases metodológicas, Biomecánica, Neurofisiología Osteopatía, Introducción  al Diagnóstico y a las Técnicas Osteopáticas. Razonamiento Clínico



Queremos además por este medio, invitarlos a acompañarnos para el acto de entrega de títulos de Máster en Técnicas Osteopáticas del Aparato Locomotor a los alumnos que culminaron el 2º año de la Formación Completa de Osteopatia de EOM-UY, que tendrá lugar el sábado 7 de junio a las 20:00 hs en el Espacio BIOERIX ( Colonia 2271 entre Acevedo Díaz y Cassinoni.) y para el posterior Vino de Honor.

Agradecemos confirmen asistencia al 099264896.


Por mayor información consultar en:



Lic. Fernando García García




Saludamos atentamente

EOM Internacional – Sede Uruguay

lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014

NMES and TENS For knee osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis,  (OA) refers to a clinical syndrome of joint pain accompanied by varying degrees of functional limitation and reduced quality of life. It is the most common form of arthritis, and one of the leading causes of pain and disability worldwide. The most commonly affected peripheral joints are the knees, hips and small hand joints. Pain, reduced function and effects on a person’s ability to carry out their day-to-day activities can be important consequences of osteoarthritis. Osteoarth...

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WCPT E-Update - April 2014




Please forward this email to your members

WCPT E-Update

April 2014

From the President and Secretary General

WCPT issues new policy statements

WCPT Congress 2015

WCPT on LinkedIn

Health Care in Danger project

European education congress

Regulation conference

Africa Region congress

© Zurab Burduli/ICRC Wounded civilians are evacuated by ferry from Puttumatalan to Trincomalee in Sri Lanka

From the President and Secretary General

This week, WCPT officially signed up to the International Committee of the Red Cross's (ICRC) Health Care in Danger project, combating violence against health workers (see below). It is unthinkable but undeniable that people seeking to help those injured and disabled in conflicts and emergencies are often themselves the subject of attacks. Yet, according to the ICRC, health personnel suffered over 1,800 violent incidents during 2013.


WCPT is proud to be part of the movement raising awareness of this issue. A groundswell of organisations making clear that such practices are intolerable makes it less easy for the perpetrators to think they are invisible or untouchable. And as the international organisation representing physical therapists, it is important that WCPT adds the profession's voice of protest to those of other health professions. We will be continuing to promote the campaign and sharing resource materials as it progresses.


Kind regards

Marilyn Moffat and Brenda J Myers

If you would like to use all or part of this e-letter for your own newsletters/websites then please feel free. We need your assistance to reach the profession around the world, so please send this e-update to your members.

WCPT issues new policy statements

© Sherry Katz (WCPT photography competition 2008)

In support of current global health priorities WCPT has this week issued two new policy statements:

Non-communicable diseases:


Both policies reflect WCPT's commitment to further the physical therapy profession and improve global health. They are pending approval at the WCPT General Meeting in April 2015.

WCPT Congress 2015

If you missed last week's Congress Update, several important additions have recently been made to the congress website:

·         Registration fees published:

·         Sponsorship and exhibition prospectus launched:

·         Call for volunteers:

·         Congress venue announced:

Don't forget that the call for abstracts is also currently open with a deadline of 31st October. Find out more and submit your abstract at

Exhibition at the WCPT Congress in 2011

WCPT on LinkedIn

© Aurthur Calasans (WHO photography contest 2003)

Over the past few months WCPT has increased its presence on LinkedIn and set up several groups to facilitate and encourage international discussion and information exchange in specific areas: 

·         WCPT Network for Physical Therapist Educators (PTE):

·         WCPT Network for ICF:

·         WCPT Forum on working and studying in another country:

·         WCPT Policy group:

·         WCPT Network for Amputee Rehabilitation (AR):

You can also follow WCPT on LinkedIn at

Health Care in Danger project

WCPT has signed a memorandum of understanding with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in which the two organisations agree to join forces in a worldwide effort to combat violence against patients and health workers. The four-year Health Care in Danger project aims to tackle threats to health services from armed violence and other emergencies, and WCPT has agreed to be an official partner, promoting and informing the project. For more information go to:

© Atef Safadi/ICRC An ambulance fills with tear gas shot into it during a demonstration

European education congress

ER-WCPT education congress

Save the date for the 4th European Congress on physiotherapy education. Organised by the European Region of WCPT it will be held 11th - 12th November 2016 in Liverpool, UK. The theme of the congress is "Advancing physiotherapy: demonstrating value and impact".

Regulation conference

There's still time to register for the world's only international and interdisciplinary conference devoted to regulation in the health professions. The third World Health Professions Regulation Conference will provide insights, perspectives and discussion on current challenges in health professional regulation.

To view abstracts to be presented go to:

To register go to:

World Health Professions Regulation Conference 2014, Geneva

Africa Region congress

You can still register for this month's Africa Region of WCPT Congress in Lusaka, Zambia on 19th - 25th May. Hosted by the Zambia Society of Physiotherapy, the theme for the 10th Africa Region Congress is: "From advocacy to action against non-communicable diseases". To register go to:


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The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is a registered charity in the UK, no. 234307

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