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Estimados colegas:

se llevó a cabo el encuentro del mes de Junio de la SOCIEDAD URUGUAYA DE FISIOTERAPIA RESPIRATORIA Y CTI – FISIOMOTIVA, el pasado día 11, en la sede de la AFU.

Entre los temas tratados se destaca, por la URGENCIA, la convocatoria realizada a la AFU por parte de la COMISION HONORARIA ASESORA DE MEDICINA INTENSIVA del MSP - ASSE, quienes solicitan les enviemos un relevamiento de todos los Lic. en Fisioterapia y sus diferentes situaciones laborales en todo el país.

Estos datos son necesarios para modificar el único decreto con el que cuenta el MSP para regular nuestro trabajo en áreas cerradas. El último decreto es del año 2005, y es necesario especificar mucho mejor nuestras funciones, porque la próxima modificación solo se podrá hacer en 10 años más.


1.     Número de colegas que hay en el país trabajando en áreas de Cuidados Intensivos de Adultos y Pediatría.

2.     Cuantos trabajan en CTIs públicos y privados.

3.     Cuantas camas tiene el CTI donde trabaja, incluyendo CI.

4.     Detalle de las competencias del cargo que ocupa en cuidado crítico.

5.     Número de pacientes que correspondería atender por cada profesional según el número de cama con el que cuente cada CTI.

6.     NO piden informe de la situación salarial, la cual todos conocemos y sabemos que hay diferencias salariales. Este tema debe ser tratado posteriormente en otra sección del MSP y con representantes gremiales de las diferentes instituciones públicas y privadas. 


Por lo tanto, les solicitamos que a la brevedad nos envíen los datos solicitados. Solo en AFU quedarán los nombres de los funcionarios de las instituciones para que puedan ser localizados en caso de ser necesario.

Especialmente, hacemos hincapié en las instituciones del interior del país con quienes tenemos menor contacto, ya que los Fts. de Montevideo tienen más posibilidades de asistir a las reuniones mensuales que venimos realizando en la AFU, los primeros miércoles de cada mes. 

Nos estaremos reuniendo a fines de redactar este informe, el próximo martes 17/6 a la hora 19, en lugar a confirmar.

Están todos invitados a sumarse o a mandar ideas por mail, en caso de que en sus lugares de trabajo cuenten con un documento sobre las competencias podrán compartirlo. 


Muchas gracias!


Cordiales Saludos



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AFU Informa: III Congreso de Punta 2014



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WCPT E-Update - May 2014


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WCPT E-Update

May 2014

From the President and Secretary General

WCPT awards programme launched

World Physical Therapy Day - new message for 2014

Regulation conference

World Health Assembly

Open access journal

World summit: Bone and Joint Decade 2010 – 2020

Gwendolen Jull receiving an International Service Award in 2011

From the President and Secretary General

May has been a busy month for WCPT. There have been regional meetings, a highly successful World Health Professions Regulation Conference in Geneva (which WCPT played a central part in organising), discussions with the World Health Professions Alliance, and participation at the World Health Organization's World Health Assembly where WCPT presented statements on disability and human resources for health.

Amid a growing mass of health voices and lobbies clamouring for attention on a global level, it is more important than ever that we are heard, and that the role of physical therapists is widely understood. Our networks are expanding, our contribution is increasingly recognised and new opportunities arise by participating in such events. With every door that opens, it seems that ten more appear each presenting new opportunities for action. While determining priorities and choosing among these options can be a challenge, it is clear from the busy round of events in May that having options is a good position to be in.     

Kind regards
Marilyn Moffat and Brenda J Myers

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WCPT awards programme launched

Peta-Ann Schmidt receiving the Humanitarian Service Award in 2011

Nominations for WCPT awards, recognising outstanding contributions and leadership by physical therapists to the profession and/or global health at an international level are now being sought. The deadline for nominations is 31st August.


Awards will be presented at the time of the General Meeting and congress in 2015 and there are four award categories open to nomination by WCPT's member organisations, regions or subgroups:

·         Mildred Elson Award

·         International Service Award

·         Humanitarian Service Award

·         Leadership in Rehabilitation Award 

If you know of a physical therapist you would like to see nominated for an international award, please review the nomination criteria and contact your WCPT member organisation.


For more information about the WCPT awards programme 2015 go to www.wcpt.org/awards.
The 2011 award recipients may be viewed at www.wcpt.org/node/42750

World Physical Therapy Day - new message for 2014

This year's campaign message for World Physical Therapy Day 2014 is: Fit to take part.

Capturing the theme of "Movement for Health", the focus behind the message for 2014 will be on the role of physical therapists in supporting people to fulfil their potential, as active participants in family, education and work, and community life.

New posters, leaflets and other materials reflecting these ideas will be made available shortly via the WCPT website.

World Physical Therapy Day logo

Regulation conference

The Jet d'Eau fountain in Lake Geneva

In a press release issued following last weekend's World Health Professions Regulation Conference, global leaders of the main health professions, including physical therapy, have urged their members to pay more attention to regulation issues and the need to implement the right systems to act in the public interest. In the face of the many challenges facing health professions and their patients globally – changing demography, increased expectations of health services, more mobile professionals – there is a greater need than ever for regulation systems that ensure quality of service and protect the public.

Read the full press release at bit.ly/1wkfT4l.
Access the programme and abstracts from the regulation conference at bit.ly/1mbsKPR.

World Health Assembly

Members of the WCPT Secretariat and Executive Committee attended the 67th World Health Assembly in Geneva last week. Universal health coverage, addressing NCDs, person-centred and co-ordinated services with prevention at the core and human resources for health were among the issues of particular interest to WCPT.

Statements presented by WCPT on the WHO global disability action plan 2014–2021 (bit.ly/1jt5zNB) and the follow-up of the Recife Political Declaration on Human Resources for Health (bit.ly/1mEcpES) may be viewed at bit.ly/1hxGmlF.

Antony Duttine presenting a WCPT statement at the World Health Assembly

Open access journal

Australian Physiotherapy Association logo

The first open access issue of the Australian Physiotherapy Association's Journal of Physiotherapy is now available: bit.ly/1k6X5Ax.

It provides the original research papers and the editorial in full text online at no cost to readers or authors.

World summit: Bone and Joint Decade 2010 – 2020

The Bone and Joint Decade, the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health, will be holding a high level international summit on 12th – 13th October 2014 in London, United Kingdom. The meeting will provide a forum for the BJD National Action Networks to meet with leadership of relevant professional, scientific and patient organisations, along with key opinion leaders and policy makers from across the globe.


Advances in the prevention and treatment of disability will be a focus of the event and the outcome will be a call for explicit actions at national and international levels to deal with the growing burden of disability. Participation is an opportunity to influence what those actions should include.


For more information go to bit.ly/1kKhBqE.


If you are unable to access our website using the links within this email, you may need to copy and paste the hyperlinks directly into your internet browser. If you have problems reading this email please follow the link below for help. www.wcpt.org/congress/updates

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